Blood Drug Testing Information

There many kinds of drug test that involves the hair, urine and saliva but accurate of them all is the blood drug test. Not only is blood drug testing precise it is also can detecting toxins even if you tried to mask them because blood drug testing does not measure your drug metabolites like the other tests, it detects the actual amount of drug substances that you have taken making it difficult to mask the toxins that are in your body.

How to Pass a Blood Drug Test

This test when compared to the others is a bit complicated for starters not just anyone can draw your blood only medically trained personnel are meant to do this and not to mention the cost of doing this kind of test. Blood drug testing is required of you should you apply for job positions that are sensitive and when you also apply for health insurances. It also used in any accident investigation to determine what caused said accidents. Because of its accurate and infallible results this test is becoming commonplace in spite of its high cost.

In spite of it infallible results blood drug testing can be stymied by simple means. This simple means is no other than water drinking. Lots and lots of water drunk as well as sweating and frequent urination will cleanse tour body of toxins. So where do these toxins originate? These toxins are the byproducts of the drugs you have ingested and they are absorbed by your body’s fat cells. Water drinking and perspiration will purged the fat cells of the toxin which will lower your count of metabolite, dilute them and hide any leftover toxins from the blood drug test.

Factors that influence Blood Drug Tests

Drinking water and perspiration are effective ways of cleansing your system, but the time it takes to cleanse your body varies depending your metabolic speed, physical build and fatty tissue count, also the timing is important as these methods take time so it is very important to have enough time to do all your water drinking, sweating and urinating. Another factor involves the length of period from the time you ingest drugs and the time you took the blood drug test the frequency and other factors like the frequency and regularity of drug usage and the time, potency and amount of drugs you have taken also contribute to influencing the results of blood drug testing. You can also get extra help in cleaning your system with certain purifying products available but it will still take 3 days to one week and the factors mentioned often determines the period of time that the products cleanse your body.

To insure that your blood drug test get a positive result it is necessary to stop the use of all drugs like medicines and prescriptions. You also have to plan a program on eating a special diet, regulated fluids, taking supplements and detoxifying solution. Most of the programs are safe, natural and easy to do and you will soon find that a blood drug test is no obstacle to your dreams.