Pass a Marijuana Drug Test

Are you the type that smokes marijuana on a daily basis or you are the once in a while type? Regardless of whichever category you fit in above, you have one day or will in the near future have to undergo a drug test and believe you that is not the problem, how to beat a marijuana test is the big deal. But now that you have landed here, let all that fear evaporate. Here you will find the best methods on how to beat a marijuana drug test and pass as if you have never been near pot.

Marijuana is an illegal drug in over ninety percent of the world. Nevertheless, it is one of the most common drugs circulating the streets and brings a high income to the dealer. On the other hand, its effects on the human body when consumed are considered to be pleasurable and addictive. But despite the fact that it is highly addictive, the best solution in how to beat a marijuana drug test is through abstinence. You can choose to do way with marijuana permanently or temporarily. Abstaining temporarily means you are most likely facing an impending marijuana drug test.

Marijuana Drug Testing

How to beat a marijuana drug test through abstinence, you have to first establish the various periods of time the drug traces stay in the body. Marijuana can be tested through all types of drug tests: blood, urine, saliva and the hair. The longest period that marijuana can still be tested positively is after six months through the hair. Urine and saliva are the least, with three to six days after consumption and the blood up to ten days. Abstinence is natural, free and more importantly, good for your health.

However, as the human way of life goes you first smoke, get addicted then start seeking for ways to jump out of the addiction. This is why one of the strategies to jump out in how to beat a marijuana drug testing is through the use of detox products. The presence of detox products are the next best option. One of the best detox products in the market today is the total body cleaner. This product has the benefit of being manufactured to fit the various users of marijuana. For chronic daily marijuana users, there is a kit different in actions and price to that of the once-in-a-time marijuana user. Total body cleanser will also work to eliminate any other toxin in the body.

The other solution on how to beat a marijuana test is by interfering with the sample, normally urine. As urine is the most common test sample for the majority of drugs, there are a number of strategies to interfere with urine to falsify the results. One which is common in beating cannabis test is the addition of iodine. These element changes the consistency of the urine and in a manner that the test administrator cannot recognize whether it has been tampered with. The other common method is to give a clean test sample, either synthetic or collect a sample from someone who does not do cannabis.