Drug abuse- its haunting effect on the world today

 If there is one mammoth problem haunting the Nations across the globe to a crippling extent, it is drug abuse. A lot of research is being conducted to comprehend the factors that trigger drug abuse. It has become responsible for a galloping increase in the cases of AIDS that seems to be spreading like an epidemic. Intravenous drug users are sharing needles that are contaminated and are indulging in illicit and unprotected sex which is contributing to the spread of AIDS. The only remedy would be to control drug abuse if not uproot it to build a healthier society. Drug users cannot be ignored or even banished from society. All they need is compassionate treatment to help them understand the hazards they are inviting to their health so that they strive for a drug free life. Drugs like cocaine, marijuana, heroin and club drugs are abused on a large scale especially amongst teenagers. This is making the drug situation very grave in the States. They are faced with the challenge of providing treatment and medical care to those who are dreaming of getting rid of this dangerous habit.

Evident Symptoms Of Drug Abuse

How do we know that we or someone we care for is suffering from drug abuse? There are ways to identify the symptoms. Drug abuse can be cured by medication and co-operation of the victim. One common symptom is a fluctuating body weight coupled with a feeling of drowsiness and excessive sleep or red eyes for lack of sleep. The user suffers from poor co-ordination and is often either restless or irritable. Confused and disoriented, they tend to forget easily. Violent when their demand for drugs is not fulfilled, they also often hallucinate and even on realization, are not able to quit the habit of drugs independently. It is not surprising that many drug abusers either deny the problem or give rational reasons as to why they use drugs. However, the moment they accept their problem and begin to show an eagerness for cure, alternative methods can be offered which are both safe and natural. This includes techniques of acupuncture, remedy by use of herbs and meditation which is a holistic approach.

How Does Drug Abuse Affect A Person?

Research shows that drug abuse is actually a disease affecting the behavior as well as the brains of the user. Once hooked to the habit, the user finds it difficult to kick it as their very survival begins to depend on it. Drugs are known to affect the brain in a drastic manner, altering the important areas which are necessary for functions that sustain life. Since drugs are chemicals, they tap into the communication system of the brain which can lead to impairment and the user feeling depressed, lifeless and unable to enjoy life as he did earlier.